Virus SW Amateur Built kit Eligibility

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Pipistrel Virus Short Wing Performance Specifications

NOTE: Maximum Takeoff Weight can be higher when registered in the Amateur Built category.
VIRUS 912 SW 100 Is
max power100 hp at 5800 rpm
PROPELLER Variable pitch
wing span10.71 m
length6.5 m
wing area9.51 m2
rudder area1.1 m2
tail area1.08 m2
aspect ratio11.3
positive flaps9 deg. 19 deg
negative flaps5 deg
center of gravity25% - 37%
empty weight305 kg
max take off weight (MTOW)472.5 kg / 600 kg
fuel tanks capacity2 x 50 l
useful fuel2 x 47 l
stall with flaps64 km/h
stall without flaps79 km/h
cruising speed (75% power)273 km/h
max. horizontal speed 283 km/h
VNE302 km/h
max speed with airbrakes out205 km/h
max speed with flaps down130 km/h
manoeuvring speed174 km/h
best climb speed140 km/h
max climb rate8.4 m/sec
best glide ratio speed118 km/h
best glide1:17
take off run95 m
take off over 15 m obstacle175 m
service ceiling6800 m
45°-45° roll time1.6 sec
fuel consum. at cruis. speed15.5 l/hour
endurance6.4 hours
range distance1720 km
max load factor permitted ( x1.875)+4g -2g
design safety factors & testedminumum 1.875
Note: Pipistrel reserves the right to revise this data.