December 2012

Virus fuel injected Performance data

The Virus SW 912 iS performance data has been released!

We are extremely proud to show off these numbers…

VIRUS 912 SW 100 Is
max power100 hp at 5800 rpm
PROPELLER Variable pitch
wing span10.71 m
length6.5 m
wing area9.51 m2
rudder area1.1 m2
tail area1.08 m2
aspect ratio11.3
positive flaps9 deg. 19 deg
negative flaps5 deg
center of gravity25% - 37%
empty weight305 kg
max take off weight (MTOW)472.5 kg / 600 kg
fuel tanks capacity2 x 50 l
useful fuel2 x 47 l
stall with flaps64 km/h
stall without flaps79 km/h
cruising speed (75% power)273 km/h
max. horizontal speed 283 km/h
VNE302 km/h
max speed with airbrakes out205 km/h
max speed with flaps down130 km/h
manoeuvring speed174 km/h
best climb speed140 km/h
max climb rate8.4 m/sec
best glide ratio speed118 km/h
best glide1:17
take off run95 m
take off over 15 m obstacle175 m
service ceiling6800 m
45°-45° roll time1.6 sec
fuel consum. at cruis. speed15.5 l/hour
endurance6.4 hours
range distance1720 km
max load factor permitted ( x1.875)+4g -2g
design safety factors & testedminumum 1.875
Note: Pipistrel reserves the right to revise this data.

The Pipistrel Virus Short Wing pricing has been updated to include the serial production of the Virus912iS Fuel injected version.
The 912iS gives the Virus SW an even greater range, making your trip across Canada or North America even easier to flight plan for.