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The Virus Short Wing has to be one of the most fun aircraft on the market today.  With near aerobatic performance, an incredible climb rate, and a sleek look that attracts a crowd where ever you go, the Virus SW can go the distance.
    With an amazing unobstructed view of the world below, you’ll enjoy the incredible speed and range the Virus has to offer.  Using as little as 1/3 the fuel of other aircraft with the same speed capabilities, the ultra smooth finish, sleek aerodynamic shape, and ultra light weight Carbon Fibre/Kevlar composite construction has earned the title of “Champion” for the 2008 NASA Challenge.

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The Virus SW is available in  nose wheel, or tail wheel configuration.
The Tailwheel has more propellor clearance for those abandoned air strips and rough farm fields.  The tradeoff is limited visibility over the dashboard while taxiing compared with the nose wheel model, and more attention to rudder required while on the ground.

Larger tires are available for the tailwheel Virus, and Skis are Possible.
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The Virus SW also makes an excellent towplane with the optional tow attachment. (nose wheel model only)

New for 2013 is the Rotax 912iS fuel injected 100 horse power motor.
With the smoothest operation imaginable, and even better fuel economy (up to 80% better than competing engines) it gives a 21% savings in fuel burn, and even better range on the standard 100 litre wing tanks.
Amateur Built vs. Advanced Ultralight. In Canada, The Virus falls into a unique category, where it is light enough and has a slow enough stall speed to easily fit into the Advanced Ultralight Category. With it's incredible high speed and long range, when compared with many certified aircraft, the Virus makes the ideal long range travel vehicle. With long range travel comes the chance for adverse weather, this is where IFR equipment and capability becomes desirable.

There is no LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) category in Canada. The Regulations and speed limitations for LSA do not Apply in Canada to a Canadian Registered Aircraft that would otherwise fit the LSA category.