Virus Classic

Virus Classic
Unparalleled performance. No competition.
Virus combines unmatched speed and economy with superb take-off and climb performance. If you are looking for an all-in-one aircraft, look no further! As demonstrated in the 2008 NASA GAT Challenge the Virus is 19% more fuel efficient while flying 23% faster than the popular Flight Design CTSW. At the same time, the demonstrated climb performance was more than two times that of the CTSW, while permitting for more useful payload thanks to the much lower empty weight.
The airbrakes allow for steep descent and landing over obstacles without side-slip.
Balanced controls just feel right.
If NASA says that Virus handles the best among all aircraft, it must be true! Special attention has been given to balancing the controls. They feel natural and give the pilot a perfect sense of control over the aircraft and it's capabilities. Just ask any of the already infected Virus owners!
Noise? What noise?
The Virus meets even the strictest of the noise regulations. Therefore, your neighbours will not even notice when you take-off, let alone complain about your aircraft being noisy. Our cabin noise is so low (and confirmed by NASA!) that you can comfortably fly without your headset. And when you switch the engine off and go gliding, the Virus 912 goes silent...

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Plane & Pilot has completed an in depth review of the Virus Classic, and can be read here...
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    New Removable wing tips for easy hangaring (get both for "Sinus-Flex"ability)

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    Virus Classic wing tips! Two aircraft in One!

  • sinus_flex_pipistrel_canada_removable_tips

    SInus wing tips! Two aircraft in One!