Taurus E (Electro)

Taurus Motor extended
For the first time electric power outperforms its gasoline-powered counterpart

The Pipistrel Taurus Electro G2 can use a shorter runway, climb faster and perform much better than the gasoline-powered version when it comes to high altitude operations. All this is possible thanks to the specially-developed emission-free Pipistrel's 40kW (53hp) electric power-train.

The tailor-developed Lithium-technology batteries come in two configurations, capable of launching the aeroplane to 1200 m (4000 ft) or 2000 m (6500 ft) respectively. They are placed in self-contained boxes, monitored constantly by the super-precise Pipistrel's own battery management system (BMS), compete with data-logging and battery health forecasting.
Taurus canopy open

All new Taurus Electro equipped with the optional LX8000 or LX9000 instruments give a gear-up warning below 150 m (500 ft) AGL. The unit is smart enough to detect when you are about to land and will trigger only over land-able terrain, not when you are gliding close to a ridge/mountain. The default set-up produces a loud BEEP together with a text »CHECK GEAR« on the display. With the audio/voice module upgrade (recommended), the audible alarm is even better, as the words »CHECK GEAR DOWN« are heard through the speaker and intercom as well.

For the pilot who never wants to pay for fuel or power to fly again, check the Solar Trailer, specifically designed for your new Taurus Electro.
Taurus Cockpit
A vroom with the view The cockpit of the Taurus is very long and comfortable. Even the really tall pilots will have no problems fitting inside. Side-by-side seating arrangement makes communication between the pilots perfect, unlike conventional tandem two-seaters. Full dual controls are reachable to both pilots and the pedals, seats, headrest and ventilation can be adjusted to suit your body size and needs in just seconds, also during flight. A special ergonomically shaped instrument panel houses all the instruments you will ever want without obstructing the excellent view in all directions. There are side pockets for each pilot and a roomy baggage compartment behind the seats with space for an oxygen system as well.

The Taurus is also available as a pure glider (no engine), or as a
Gas engine self launch glider