Test flights well underway

The Panthera has Successfully flown over 30 hours of test flying, and is taking a short break to fly to Germany for the aviation trade show Aero Friedrichshafen.

The initial pilot reports are impressive…
The flight characteristics are reported to be almost identical to the Virus SW.
Stalling characteristics are very docile, the nose dips approximately 5 degrees and slowly porpoises back up and down until power is added or the nose is dropped by the pilot.
The stall speed a few knots slower than initially anticipated, giving an even shorter takeoff roll!

All of the numbers are being meticulously data logged into the installed DEWEsoft
Measurement equipment.
Once testing is complete we will add the final performance data to the website.

The boys in the factory were tweaking a few things, part of the 25 hour inspection, so I took the liberty of snapping a photo of what the underside of the wing looks like, with the gear retracted.

Here’s the top cowling removed...

I had a good long sit in the cockpit, The seat is very comfortable, and when slid back it also drops for taller pilots.
Sitting outside, ready for some more test flights...


Taxiing out for a few more hours of testing.

Panthera is now flying.


We are extremely excited and proud to announce the Pipistrel Panthera prototype is now airborne. The Panthera is performing EXACTLY as predicted by Pipistrel engineers and their CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools .

A wide variety of progressively intense flight testing is under way, and the end results will be published soon.

Production slots are now sold all the way to June 2016 for experimental, and July 2017 for Certified.

See price lists

20130404-IMGP8051aImageImage 1

Panthera running and ready for flight!

Panthera is running and ready to fly!

Flight test?

The flight testing is just around the corner, Scheduled for March.

We will have a flood of photos and videos to show you at that time.

In the meantime, see the difference between regular composite aircraft skin and Lightning protected composite skin. (which of course is what the Panthera is made of.)

Panthra Progress Report

Panthera logo

There have been major advancements in three areas: specialized test equipment, aircraft structural tests and preparation for certification. Customized structural testing equipment has been designed and constructed to allow the completion of torsion, stress and deformation tests of single aircraft structures. At this stage the fuselage stress and wing bending and torsional deformation have been completed with success!

The next step is the control tests, which have to guarantee movement at the highest G-forces. The test campaign will proceed to all aircraft systems, i.e. tail controls, undercarriage, engine mount, etc. Soon we will update you with the campaign progress. The preparation of the certification process is also underway in coordination with EASA. In September Pipistrel obtained EASA certificate for certified aircraft production (EASA – SI.21G.0002).

panthera testing3
One of 3 identical prototypes being “tortured” to death in the certification process.
panthera testingpanthera testing2

Panthera delivery update entering 2013

We designed the Panthera with state-of-the-art aerodynamics and retractable undercarriage to give you top-of-the-segment performance, while consuming, on average, 35% less fuel. This superior efficiency will allow you to always fly lighter - with Panthera you can use shorter runways, climb better, go further and enjoy an overall much lower operating cost.

Right now we are taking orders for the Lycoming IO390 powered version, which is offered either as experimental (in-factory assist built) or CS-23 certified aircraft. The experimental version is offered in two avionics configurations, one based around the Dynon Skyview SV1000 and one with the Garmin G500. The CS-23 certified version is equipped with the Garmin G500 glass cockpit. All the Pantheras feature dual COM, NAV, dual IFR-Gps. By using two Garmin GTS series touchscreen displays, a set of backup instruments and a digital control of cabin air-conditioning. The parachute rescue system comes standard.

The pricing, NOT including delivery from the factory, is as follows: 335,000 EUR for the experimental with the Dynon avionics, 355,000 EUR for the experimental with Garmin G500 and 395,000 EUR for the CS-23 certified version. Shipping the Panthera to Canada will cost between 6000-8000 euros (the cost of shipping varies day by day according CAD-USD). Our pricing policy is to not charge for optionals, therefore the above prices comprise all available equipment, including the personalized interiors crafted for your airplane by the same company that makes the interiors of Bugatti, Porsche and Ferrari sport cars.

Deliveries begin in 2013, however due to the incredible amount of orders we have received, as of now the first available production slots for the certified version are in the second quarter (Q2) of 2016 with the EASA version, while for the experimental we have positions available for deliveries in the third quarter of 2015 (Europe Factory Assist built) for orders received this week. To accommodate the certified production, a new 10,000 sqm. green facility is under construction in Italy. The Homebuilt kit availability is to be announced at a later date, but is definitely in the works.
If you don’t want to watch the lineup getting longer, deposit information is here.

We are working on ground tests, and we are excited about flying the Panthera for the first time very soon. The first customer demo flights will be available in spring 2013 and you are welcome to visit us at the factory and test the aircraft.

Consider that if you order a Panthera now, you will receive the "Early customer conditions" and of course secure an earlier delivery date. After more than 1000 aircraft delivered and 25 years of business activity, we can assure you that owning a Panthera is the best way to join our "Pipistrel family".


From Conception to Flight…
Stay tuned for the moment we have all been waiting for…

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