Test flights well underway

The Panthera has Successfully flown over 30 hours of test flying, and is taking a short break to fly to Germany for the aviation trade show Aero Friedrichshafen.

The initial pilot reports are impressive…
The flight characteristics are reported to be almost identical to the Virus SW.
Stalling characteristics are very docile, the nose dips approximately 5 degrees and slowly porpoises back up and down until power is added or the nose is dropped by the pilot.
The stall speed a few knots slower than initially anticipated, giving an even shorter takeoff roll!

All of the numbers are being meticulously data logged into the installed DEWEsoft
Measurement equipment.
Once testing is complete we will add the final performance data to the website.

The boys in the factory were tweaking a few things, part of the 25 hour inspection, so I took the liberty of snapping a photo of what the underside of the wing looks like, with the gear retracted.

Here’s the top cowling removed...

I had a good long sit in the cockpit, The seat is very comfortable, and when slid back it also drops for taller pilots.
Sitting outside, ready for some more test flights...


Taxiing out for a few more hours of testing.

Panthera is now flying.


We are extremely excited and proud to announce the Pipistrel Panthera prototype is now airborne. The Panthera is performing EXACTLY as predicted by Pipistrel engineers and their CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools .

A wide variety of progressively intense flight testing is under way, and the end results will be published soon.

Production slots are now sold all the way to June 2016 for experimental, and July 2017 for Certified.

See price lists

20130404-IMGP8051aImageImage 1

Panthera running and ready for flight!

Panthera is running and ready to fly!

Flight test?

The flight testing is just around the corner, Scheduled for March.

We will have a flood of photos and videos to show you at that time.

In the meantime, see the difference between regular composite aircraft skin and Lightning protected composite skin. (which of course is what the Panthera is made of.)