How to purchase your aircraft.

The Pipistrel Aircraft are manufactured in Europe and are sold in the European currency, the Euro (€). By selling to you in Euros, we are able to give a fixed sales price and also alleviate the need for price loading to counter variations in currency exchange rates as the distributor.
The following is an example of how a small change in the CAD (Canadian Dollar) to EUR exchange rate can affect your purchase price…

For example,
your aircraft costs €100,000 including shipping from the factory
Assume an exchange rate of 1.3 (this rate fluctuates daily, and does not accurately represent the current rate)


The equivalent Canadian Dollar price is $130,000.00

If the exchange rate moves to 1.25 the Canadian Dollar price becomes $125,000
If the exchange rate moves to 1.35 the Canadian Dollar price becomes $135,000

From this example you see that a 0.05 (5 Cent) movement in the EUR to CAD exchange rate can make $5,000 CAD difference to the total purchase price of the aircraft.

If we were to initially sell the aircraft in CAD, we would be forced to over inflate the prices to compensate for variances in exchange rates, which means that you would be paying a premium rather than getting the best deal possible.

We recognize that you do not deal in Euro and suggest the following…

  1. Watch your US$ currency fluctuations on the Internet or local news services;

  2. Try to pick the best time to make your payments… when the exchange rate is in your favour.

  3. Ensure your budget allows for the full aircraft price, including shipping and taxes, also be prepared for currency fluctuation.

  4. Consider paying the entire sum if the exchange rates are near the all time lows.

If the exchange rate is in your favour, we can accept early payment so that you may take advantage of the better rates. This payment is placed into our Euro holding account which is not affected by varying exchange rates because 1 Euro always stays 1 Euro. We do not transfer your money to the manufacturer until the appropriate time as specified in the payment schedule below.
The Aircraft are purchased in 3 scheduled payments.

If you do happen to deal in Euros, we can accept Euros as well.

All Funds are send to Pipistrel Aircraft Canada Inc. in Whitecourt Alberta.

  1. Euro €10,000 deposit for all two seat aircraft, (€30,000 deposit for Panthera) at time of order to secure your production slot, no orders are processed by the manufacturer until the deposit has been paid.

  2. The balance outstanding plus overseas freight costs payable the week before shipping.

  3. Local delivery charges and any local taxes upon arrival.

For fund transfer instructions, contact
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