C-ISYG Pipistrel Used Alpha Trainer Rotax 912UL2 80hp for Sale


Pipistrel Alpha Trainer


rotax engine 80 horsepower uses regular automotive fuel

Registration C-ISYG

Year 2013

Nosewheel model

Advanced Ultra-Light

$85,000.00 CDN
912ul2 facts...
4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank
2 carburetors
mechanical fuel pump
dual electronic ignition
electric starter
propeller speed reduction unit

Standard Alpha Trainer configuration

Air speed indicator combined analogue and digital 80 mm - 3 1/8" diameter in knots
Digital Artificial Horizon 80 mm - 3 1/8" diameter (outside temp, turn coordinator, Backup ALTI & ASI)
Altimeter combined analogue and digital 80 mm - 3 1/8" diameter in feet (scale in InHg)
Tachometer and hour meter 57mm - 2 1/4" diameter
Vertical Speed Indicator 57mm - 2 1/4" diameter (with flight timer and clock) in feet/min
Engine instruments Digital Unit (RPM, Oil pressure & temperature, WT, EGT, fuel gauge, fuel flow, voltmeter, manifold pressure (InHg), OAT) units: PSI, °F, Gallons/h
GPS Garmin Aera 500 + AirGizmo
Radio ICOM IC A210 with aerial, 2 headsets HD-1000 with built-in intercom
Transponder GTX 327 Garmin with altitude encoder, antenna end installation
Slip skid
Magnetic compass
ELT Kannad 406 AF – Compact (406 MHz
-Engine oil thermostat

Registered as Advanced Ultra-light


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