C-FFZR Pipistrel Virus SW Rotax 912iS Sport for Sale

Virus Short Wing 912is Sport "Canadian Edition"

FUEL INJECTED rotax engine

Registration C-FFZR

Tailwheel model

Amateur Built

$195,000 CDN Plus tax
 Dynon 10" touch x 2  (does all engine monitoring, 2x CHT left and right, coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, 4x exhaust temp, fuel pressure, fuel flow, flap position, angle of attack, pitot heat indicator, RPM, manifold absolute pressure, all engine, flight and fuel time functions.)   along with controlling autopilot, showing true airspeed, wind speed and direction, vertical speed, altitude, heading, track, terrain awareness,Aviation Data (additional fee) synthetic vision, mapping software…etc…etc…  for more info download a Skyview manual from Dynon.com

2x DYNON 10" touch screen
Dynon AP-panel
Dynon Knob-panel
Dynon Autopilot
Dynon SV-ADSB-470 (traffic/weather while in US airspace)
Dynon mode S transponder and TCAS (while in US airspace)
2x Dynon Com radio
Dynon 2place intercom

2x ADHARS (dynon)
2x backup batteries (dynon)

Ballistic parachute
Cargo side access door
Conventional gear (tailwheel)
Heated Pitot
nav/strobe/tail/landing lights
ELT Kannad 406
Solid luggage container

Carbon fibre Woodcomp constant speed propellor

Photographers large window openings
Additional ventilation in skylight

Canadian Edition (includes…)
-Tanis electric preheat engine
-Tanis electric preheatheat main batteries
-Leather seats (red/white/maple leaf)
-Engine oil thermostat
-Heavy duty cockpit heater for Canadian winter
-Oil thermostat
-heavy duty tailwheel
-regular set of tires/rims/wheelpants for high speed cruising
-large set of tires on rims for bush flying (cruise around 130knots with large tires installed)

Amateur Built Certificate of airworthiness.

Call Jonas at 780-779-8907
or email

Pipistrel Canada Inc. reserves the right to make changes, including change in price, content, description, terms, equipment, options, specifications, etc. at any time without prior notice.

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    Virus SWN 100iS C-FFZR

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    second generation 912is Sport engine (more power, less fuel consumption!)

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    Virus SWN 100iS C-FFRZ Panel

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    Virus SWN 100iS C-FFRZ Fuel injected engine

  • C-FFRZ_Pipistrel_Virus_SW_912iS_For_Sale

    Virus SWN 100iS C-FFRZ

  • C-FFRZ

    C-FFRZ photo op.