Amateur Built Options  (also known as "Homebuilt" or "Experimental")

So you have decided to go the Amateur Built route.
Congratulations, you are now joining the most popular sector of Aviation in Canada

There are three main options to having your aircraft entered into the Amateur Built category. (the same build options apply for the Advanced Ultralight category, but without the need for Inspections)
Depending on your technical skill level, patience, available work space, and resources you may find that having factory or local professional assistance is more convenient.

1. Home build kit

 Order the kit, and have it delivered to your location. 
Upon receipt, you arrange an initial inspection of the kit with your local MD-RA (Minister's Delegates-Recreational Aviation) inspector.
You assemble the Kit to the point where it is ready for flight, and arrange the Final Inspection with the MD-RA.

2. Factory Assist 

Order the aircraft as "Factory Assist"
You then arrange for inspection at the beginning of production.
You Travel to the Factory in Slovenia with an MD-RA inspector for the initial inspection, where you personally oversee the construction of the aircraft.
The aircraft shipped to your location in Canada for the final inspection.
(you pay for travel and lodging expenses for the Canadian MD-RA inspector)

3. Professional Assist

Order the kit, and have it delivered to our Pipistrel Partner Professional Assist location Final2-e1314737646445
Travel to the Professional Assist Location at the Springbank Airport, Alberta with an MD-RA inspector arranged to meet you there to complete the initial inspection.
The professionals then completes the aircraft while you oversee construction.
Return to the location for the final inspection.
(You may also hire any professional builder of your choice)

Regardless of the option you choose, you, as the person in charge of the assembly, must be present for each inspection.
The inspection process (MD-RA fees) costs approximately $1545 for inspection fees.

Inspector travel expenses and your own travel expenses are extra.

For a detailed explanation of the Inspection Process, visit the MD-RA website